Wonder Plot, Snail Tail and Pretty-Bent Tent

The Flitlits float to WONDER PLOT
 to put on shows, each with a slot.
They share shows, acts and great events
 at a TENT that's PRETTY-BENT.
Four stars that light up every show
 are Shift, Glee, Sol-Fa and Aglow.
Trekkers roam at Wonder Plot.
 It has so many wondrous spots.
Its rising and descending spaces
 are astonishing in places.
SNAIL RAIL takes and carries back
 Flitlit trekkers and their packs.
The lowest point is Hot Plot Station,
 at Fussbut's sandiest location.
The trains head up to Wonder Station,
 where they make a curved rotation.
Engines hoot and give out clues.
 This helps lost trekkers where to choose
 mud tracks leading to rail stops.
 When they reach the trains, they flop.
On the train and to the left,
 they marvel at deep, wizardly clefts. 
Seesaw Sea flows to the right.
 That, also, is a stunning sight.
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