The Stars and The Shadows of Pitch


At a land that time forgot,
 The Flitlits laid the land in plots.
The land, named Fussbut, Seldom See,
 lies beyond the Seesaw Sea.
One fact is special - four stars hold the key,
Imagine a link that sets you free
 to look beyond the Seesaw Sea.
Peer through the SHADOWS of PITCH
 that hover over Fussbut Ditch.
Pick up new sounds and then, maybe,
 giggle with a wriggling tree.
Each day throws a hitch through the Shadows of Pitch,
 over land or under sea at far off Fussbut, Seldom See.
STAR SOL-FA tunes the distant land
 and stirs up music, chants and bands.
 Add whistling, birdsong, melodies,
 singing words and harmonies.
STAR SHIFT takes charge of energy,
 bustle, games and rustling trees -
 with power, turmoil, turning tides
 and crops that grow from earth to sky.
STAR AGLOW lights up dark corners.
 It spotlights rainbows, gems and flowers.
 Beauty of all kinds shine through,
 creatures, sea and sparkling dew.
STAR GLEE takes charge of ballyhoo,
 Jester's tricks and Fun House, too.
 Add muddles, puzzles, Kingy Bling
 and Madam Conk's snout on a spring.
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