‘The Flitlits’ iOS Educational App 3 – A Shine Show Shock


A SHINE SHOW SHOCK is featured as App 3 from The Flitlits’ series on iTunes via the following links:


A Shine Show Shock/ EU Store: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/a-shine-show-shock/id811207311?mt=8

A Shine Show Shock/ US Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/a-shine-show-shock/id811207311?ls=1&mt=8




This astonishing story is titled A SHINE SHOW SHOCK.

The adventure finds JESTER BIT spotting this and plotting that at his home on PRANK PLOT.

Could the think tank sitting under Jester’s hat help him to win the Star of Stars at a Shine Show?

Do nosy shoes run off clues and do bugs with bags hide secrets?

The app might throw up answers at DOT PLOT’s PUZZLING PIT and at WONDER PLOT’s PRETTY-BENT TENT.

An act surprises, with a twist, as a Flitlit spins in magic mist!

This app brought the author, illustrator and software engineers together for the first brain-storming meeting.

We soon realised that JESTER BIT took charge of the proceedings with his cunning twiddle stick.

The story jumped off the page and on to the screen thanks to award-winning illustrator, James Field, and the skill of the team of app magic-makers.

Plans are in hand for print and e-book versions of the Flitlit series that will include U.K.English, Welsh and U.S. English/ first and second language titles. THE FUNNY FAIR, published by John Catt Educational Ltd., is already available =here=