‘The Flitlits’ iOS Educational App 2 – A Ferry to Airy


A FERRY TO AIRY is featured as App 2 from The Flitlits’ series on iTunes via the following links:

A Ferry To Airy/ E.U. Store: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/a-ferry-to-airy/id798598364?mt=8

A Ferry To Airy: U.S.Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/a-ferry-to-airy/id798598364?mt=8


E.U Store: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app-bundle/the-flitlits/id977654171?mt=8

U.S Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app-bundle/the-flitlits/id977654171?mt=8




This story, titled A FERRY TO AIRY, follows JESTER BIT on a fantastical journey.

What lies beyond the NO-ZONE SPACE?

Will Jester’s uncle, DOCTOR It, wake up from dreaming up mistakes at DOT PLOT’s PUZZLING PIT?

Why is DeBUG KNITTY-NITTY, an I.T scholar, so hot underneath his collar?

On this page, you’ll see a selection of rough drawings by James Field, the award-winning illustrator for the Flitlit series. James’s illustrations led to the final images that feature in the FLITLIT APPS. Plans are in hand for print and e-book versions that will include English, Welsh and U.S. English/ first and second language titles. The first book in the series, titled THE FUNNY FAIR, published by John Catt Educational Ltd., is already available =here=

James’s images always created a stir at Team Flitlit meetings, with many ideas and suggestions being examined and re-examined over endless cups of tea and coffee provided by software engineers Darren, Ian, John, Tim and Ellis. They may be designated honourary Flitlits!

James has a special interest in dinosaurs, as you’ll see on his website, which also demonstrates the diverse nature of his portfolio. James now lives at Pontyberem, which happens to adjoin the Welsh village of Y Tymbl, where author Eiry Rees Thomas spent her childhood.

Here are examples of James’s rough drawings:




    1. Eiry Rees Thomas says:

      My thanks to Ceri Williams, a highly experienced and respected tutor and educationalist, for this insightful review of ‘The Flitlits’ apps. Ceri’s specialties include: dyslexia, SpLD, SEN, multisensory multimedia environments, engagement, motivation, music, improvising, afferent-efferent neural loop, interested in ‘connections’.
      As such, I appreciate Ceri’s in-depth analysis hugely.