The Flitlits – iOS Educational App 1 – The Funny Fair


THE FUNNY FAIR is featured as App 1 from The Flitlits’ series on iTunes/App Store via the following links:

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This hilarious story, titled THE FUNNY FAIR, finds Jester Bit of Prank Plot scheming and dreaming.

Might this lead to Flitlit hullabaloo at a fair?

Will Jester’s cunning twiddle stick lead him to, or help him out of trouble?

What prompts his friend, Ozzie Mo of Blot Plot, to swell after feeling out of shape at a Hall of Crazy Mirrors?

Discover why a snaky look-out, Ziggy Zag, takes charge of a cunning plan after dozing in Posy Pomp of Grand Plot‘s all-eyes bag.

A special young narrator provides some answers. Well done, Sam!  The team of narrators also display their multi-lingual talents.

The selection of images above, illustrated by award- winning artist, James Field, might throw up further clues.

The team of software engineers, along with James, enjoyed the challenge of bringing the fun of the fair to the screen. They entered the spirit of a special day at the land of Fussbut, Seldom See and worked incredibly hard to create atmospheric scenes, music and sound effects. These invite you to follow the fun of the fair at Wonder Plot.

A tip-off  ball at a wobbly stall will reserve tickets for those of you at the head of an orderly line.

Keep clear of the tip-off Ball’s buzzer, however…

Plans are in hand for print, digital and audio book versions of the Flitlit series that will include UK and US English/Welsh titles for both supported and competent reading/comprehension levels.


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