The Flitlit Concept


Sample Characters, Features and Plots


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The Flitlit concept offers a natural progression from a junior initiative, titled Flitlits Junior, with both initiatives being available in English and in Welsh. The Flitlit concept serves the needs of children ages 8 -11 years.

The overwhelming success of pilot work at U.K. schools and beyond is demonstrated in =this video= filmed at Palmerston Primary School, Barry, Wales, UK.

The Flitlit Package includes:


  • a series of digital iOS apps that feature English, Welsh and U.S.English versions of the text and narration/ first language.
  • a series of print books published by John Catt Educational Ltd. that complement the apps, thereby offering a multi-modal approach to learning.  The books are available as first and second language editions/ English/ Welsh/ US English versions.
  • narrated, bilingual versions of the Flitlit adventures and the Flitlits Junior stories on CDs for blind and partially sighted young learners, free of charge at Talking Books Wales/ Llyfrau Llafar Cymru.
  • comprehensive Educational Guides as outlined in the sector for EDUCATORS.
  • planned printed images
  • planned educational classroom resources.


The apps and books were created thanks to the support of the Creative Industries Sector of the Welsh Government.


The entertaining, educational components of the Flitlit package help children to learn in and out of school. Along with helping to improve literacy and numeracy skills, they aim to inspire a life-long love of learning, to engender creativity and to enhance social and emotional development.

The package is cross-curricular with a MAP of the ethereal setting demonstrating attributes designed to centralise and encourage activities and logical thinking.

The characters are stylistically diverse and appear timeless in order to stimulate debate and to champion differences.

Please see the section for EDUCATORS for comprehensive details.


The Map and Setting


FUSSBUT, SELDOM SEE is a wondrous land lost in time, so named since children may fuss, but access it only by means of their imagination. It is a land that invites them to visit, discover and explore.

Four stars: SOL-FA, SHIFT, AGLOW and GLEE govern the land and the ethos of the concept. The stars influence the musicality of the characters and language, action, vibrancy and fun.

The land is set out in PLOTS, each housing a character or characters and/or LANDMARKS. These provide a multitude of opportunities for creativity, interpretational discussion and cross-curricular lesson planning.

Each plot, with its associated landmark/s, links to an appropriate element of generic CURRICULA. Collectively, they deliver messages about values through entertaining, engaging means. They enhance imagination and stimulate children to create adventures of their own.




Cognitive, Physical and Social Skills


COGNITIVE SKILLS can be incorporated into LESSON PLANNING by means of the attributes on offer by the Flitlit concept, such as:


  • Attention
  • Memory, logic and reasoning
  • Auditory skills
  • Visual processing speeds

Grammar and maths games provide further opportunities to enhance these skills.

Dreaming up new characters and plots, for example, engenders:

  • Creativity
  • Artwork
  • Logical Thinking
  • Play-acting


HOT-SEATING and ROLE-PLAY CORNERS can be based on places featured on the map, with masks and props enabling children to retell and act out the stories. They may imagine different scenarios to change story endings. Based on the children’s understanding and knowledge of the characters, they are able to place the characters in different situations and relate how they feel the characters would react.

ILLUSTRATIONS of the characters, surrounded by adjectives that best describe them, are extremely effective. These lend themselves to the development of descriptive writing and free role play, particularly with the use of role play cards in role play corners. A simple key prop for each character such as a hat or cloak would be all that children need to project what they know of a character into a role play situation.

ADULT ROLES in terms of response and facilitation of good quality questioning is crucial.


The Characters


The surreal FLITLIT CHARACTERS flit about and float freely, depicting a sense of freedom  and movement. This offers them a bird’s eye view of their HOME PLOTS, CO-CHARACTERS and the LANDMARKS depicted on the map. These attributes complement the humour and flow of the language.

INTERACTION is key to the core of the concept involving characters that children can identify with within their own lives. The Flitlits interact by telling jokes, squabbling, scheming and plotting, involving friendships and rivalries. The central character, JESTER BIT, is a scamp with a heart. His mischief brings about challenges and camaraderie that allow children to learn about compassion, empathy, teamwork and a sense of fair play.


The Flitlits / Fussbut and Curricula



Stars Sol-Fa, Shift, Aglow and Glee / The Shadows of Pitch

Influences and Effects / Astronomy/ Atmospheric Science


Prank Plot / Jester Bit’s Fun House

Interaction / Fun/ Play


Wonder Plot / Pretty-Bent Tent / Snail Rail

Wonderment / Geography / Leisure and Recreation / Transport


Dot Plot / Puzzling Pit

Information Technology / Science / Inventions / Library/ Woodwork


Grand Plot / Mayor’s Mansion / Fussbut Ditch

Citizenship / Administration / Amphibian Science


Swank Plot

Duality and History, as represented by two clocks on the map/ Fashion / Dressing up


Bloom Plot / Lucky-Duck Farm

Horticulture / Husbandry / Animal Welfare


Blot Plot / Weather Feather

Biology / Climatology


Plum Plot / Potty Palace

Constitutional Issues / Arboretum


Pull Plot

Physics / Magnetism


Gale Vale / Wish Dish

Nature / Mystery


Hot Plot / The Seesaw Sea / Shock Rock

Nautical Science / Marine Biology / PSHE Education


Pine Plot / The All-Pine Horn

Forestry / Ornithology / Music


Ponder Plot / Mistake Break / Water Lily Lake, with visiting dolphins

PSHE Education / Aquatics


Shake-a-Leg Green / Floating Glowball Nets

Play / Out- door activities / Games – including Floating-Glowball and Games ‘Shake’, ‘Break’ and ‘Fake’ / Moving goalposts


Muddle Maze

Geometric architecture / Puzzlement


Share Square

Sharing / Discussion / Socio-Cultural Issues


The Winged Ship, Sonic

Navigation / Musicality


Topographic Features



  • Shock Rocks
  • Surprise Rise
  • Muddle Maz
  • Mistake Break
  • Share Square
  • Puzzling Pit
  • Ponder Plot
  • Bored Ford
  • Wonder Plot
  • Wonder Border


Initial Feedback /School Pilot Work


“We are deeply embroiled in ‘Flitlit Fever’ in the classroom – in fact, it has taken over our lives somewhat! We have read the stories, analysed the language, looked for poetic devices, written reviews, composed Flitlit anthems, designed book covers, written raps, de-constructed characters, examined story lines… and even tried creating new characters and plots! It has been a thoroughly enjoyable time that has truly harnessed the enthusiasm of the children. Our plans for a ‘Flitlit Friday’ are works in progress but will include: a short drama, an I.T. presentation, DVD… and a few more surprises!”


Educational Resources


The FLITLIT RESOURCES have been designed and are being created to assist teachers, parents and providers of education in the teaching of English as a PRIMARY or ADDITIONAL LANGUAGE.


The planned resources will include PRINTED VERSIONS, available in different sizes:


A MAP of the land of FUSSBUT, SELDOM SEE
Prints of selected images from the books and apps
Flitlit Maths Card Games and apps
A video game prototype


Further products that will become available as the initiative progresses will be detailed on the website.