Team Flitlit

Bilingual Author/ Concept Creator: Eiry Rees Thomas/

Illustrations: James Field:

App Design and Programming: Chaos Trend Development

Translation: Iwan Rhys:; with Eiry Rees Thomas

Composer/ The Fussbut Fling: Darren Adams Ⓒ


English:  Noni Lewis, Geraint Pickard, Samuel North, Colin Thomas, Tim Luther Lewis

Welsh:  Noni Lewis, Geraint Pickard, Samuel North, Colin Thomas

American English: Denis Campbell, Jann Seal, Tim Luther Lewis, Paul Seal, Samuel North

Sound Technicians: Ian Mason, WJEC Studios, Cardiff; Darren Adams and Ellis Shale

Web Design: Chas Shaw; Cardiff Web Design

With special thanks to the following schools and staff for assessment and pilot work:


Palmerston Primary School, Barry, Wales, UK:

Headmaster: Mr Mark Middlemiss

Senior Teacher/ Literacy Co-ordinator, Melody Jones

Senior Teacher, Sarah Cason

All staff, pupils and parents.


Llanedeyrn Primary School, Cardiff

Senior teachers, Lisa Jopson and Ian James

Years 4, 5 and 6 pupils


JESS School, Dubai

F and KS1 Deputy Head, Elizabeth Robinson and Literacy Co-ordinator, Sian Scott-Wilson





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