Shake-a-Leg Green/ Floating-Glowball Nets

The Flitlits float towards a green
 to share their sports. Young friends are keen
 to chalk out marks and stake out pegs
 at the GREEN named SHAKE-a-LEG.
Games include, 'Break', 'Shake' and 'Fake'.
 They're checked for cheating and mistakes.
Game 'Break' means having to stop still.
 It has a fixed and clear drill.
Game 'Shake' checks quakes reached in ten seconds.
 This, also, has exact directions.
Game 'Fake' checks tales told on the spot.
 The friends put forward 'Fake' or 'Not'.
Floating glowball is a game
 with a well-known Hall of Fame.
Glowball nets escape the balls
 as Flitlits look on from high stalls.
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