Scuba Salt, Hot Plot, The Seesaw Sea and Shock Rocks


 he feels them rumble, shake and knock.
Scuba's home is at HOT PLOT,
 close to dinghies, boats and yachts.
His folk, like all Salt folk before,
 have always felt drawn to the shore.
Scuba knows each Hot Plot cranny
 and the secrets of the sea - so many.
There are sand dunes, pools and caverns.
 Here, the strong tides leave their patterns.
Scuba needs a shell at times
 to listen to the teaching tides.
It helps him hear to a degree
 the teachings of the SEESAW SEA.
He speech-reads when he is with friends.
 But there are times when he will spend
 quiet times to sit alone
 on the Shock Rocks close to home.
He puts on shoes if there is need.
 But with bare feet, he feels and heeds
 so many trembles and vibrations.
 These all feed Scuba information.
Snail Rail shudders nearby.
 Its trains leave lower ground, climb high
 before they chuff back down again,
 tracking like long, winding veins.
Scuba knows their quakes and trembles
 and senses when there may be trouble.
He soon alerts the stationmaster
 if the trains are running slower.
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