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UN CC:Learn-accredited Climate Change Education Programme will soon be available for British Primary and Secondary Schools. 

 Harwood Education has launched the Climate Change Education Programme for Primary and Secondary Schools in the United Kingdom (UN:CC Learn Educate). The British organisation has teamed up with the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) to develop and deliver an innovative climate change education programme for children. Both organisations strongly believe that climate change issues should be incorporated in primary and secondary school curriculum. This ambitious multi-annual project will seek to develop a comprehensive package of interactive classroom materials on climate change for school teachers and children: 

UN Climate Change Learn: Specialist E-Course for Teachers 

UN Climate Change Learn: Interactive Teaching Programme for Children 

The Programme’s mission is to teach children how to understand and live in a world affected by climate change, but without fear. The Climate Change Education Programme is tailored according to age, school type and particular needs of the children. 

Young children are far more vulnerable to climate-related disasters and associated health risks than any other social group. We need to give them the tools to understand the effects of a changing climate so that they can take well informed and effective action in the future” says Melanie Harwood, Founder and CEO of Harwood Education. 

The Programme has appointed the first British UN Youth Ambassadors for Climate Change Learning: Hannah-Jane Kenton (11), 

Tyler Howell (8) and Phoebe de Vorms (15) who will help spread the message among their peers. 

Through a close collaboration with the private sector the project will be scaled up globally connecting children from around the world through a direct discussion based on the concept of ‘Climate Change Diaries’. 

Another part of the project – The UN Youth Climate Dialogues-inspired documentary Online & TV series will showcase how children around the world are coping with climate change in inspirational ways. The campaign will be promoted internationally through online channels, TV and all social media outlets. 

About Harwood Education 

Harwood Education delivers innovative and outstanding education Resources, Programmes, Training and Learning Schemes to the entirety of the education sector as well as direct to the home learning sector. Harwood Education offers unparalleled Resources, Programmes, Training and Schemes, servicing the Education Sector and Home Schooling Sector, both the UK and International markets. Harwood Education follows a stringent joint venture and licensing process, both of which assure schools of a high standard of quality in both product and customer service. Website: 

About UN CC:Learn 

The One UN Climate Change Learning Partnership (UN CC:Learn) is a collaborative initiative of more than 30 multilateral organizations supporting countries to design and implement systematic, recurrent and results-oriented climate change learning. The initiative was launched at the 2009 Copenhagen Climate Change Summit. The Secretariat of UN CC:Learn is provided by the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR). 

At the global level, the partnership supports knowledge sharing, promotes the development of common climate change learning materials, and coordinates interventions through a collaboration of UN agencies and other partners. At the national level, UN CC:Learn supports countries in developing and implementing national climate change learning strategies. 



Melanie Harwood (Education Specialist) – 0044 7595 099 144 

Hannah-Jane Kenton (11 Years) UN Youth Ambassador for Climate Change Learning – 00 44 7595 099 144 

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