Posy Pomp, Grand Plot and The Mayor’s Mansion


Dark, dark shadows, black as pitch,
This is where the Fussbut frogs
 try to brighten up their bog.
The ditch has frogs of many types:
 large and small and some with stripes.
Two frogs that eavesdrop, slink and spy
 are wise guys by the names of Snoop and Pry.
A grand fund-raising Hop-In Day
 was dreamed up by 'The Queen of May'.
POSY POMP, the chosen Queen,
 can be showy but she's keen
 to gather funds to light the bog
 for her special friends, the frogs.
Her father is the Fussbut mayor,
 who is a champion polo player.
Posy has an older brother
 who looks just like their classy mother.
He has a name that suits him well
 because he always seems to yell.
Roary is his given name
 and he dreams all day of fame.
He has no time for Ziggy Zag,
 a snake that rests in Posy's bag.
The all-eyes bag looks all around -
 up, and down towards the ground.
As a helpmate who extends,
 Ziggy Zag, a faithful friend,
 spends time with the mayor's daughter
 but he cannot wave or potter.  
 His slicked back hair and smart bow ties
 look so stylish as he glides.
A 'tache sits underneath his monocle.
This makes him look quite cool and comical.
He has no need for hands or feet.
 As a snake, he is complete.
“Posy Pomp can do no wrong!”
 calls the snake, who tags along
 everywhere that Posy goes.
 He helps her pick out shoes and bows.
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