Ponder Plot, Mistake Break and Water Lily Lake

On a sunny, special day,
 the Flitlits tripped to Hot Plot Bay.
A group arrived at Hot Plot Station.
 They didn't look like known relations.
They might have passed for curious genies
 without sun cream or bikinis.
They were meddling Geniuses
 from the island Buttinbiz.
On arriving at Seldom See,
 they hoped the Flitlits would agree
 to let them show their cleverness,
 much like champions, good at chess.
“MISTAKE BREAK will have to change,”
 said a Genius. “We'll arrange
 to stop mistaking altogether.
 We'll plant the spot with all-right heather.”
“Mistake Break helps us to think,”
 replied the Flitlits. "It's a link
 that gives the folk of Fussbut choices,
 when we ponder without voices. ...
...“At PONDER PLOT, we realise
 that certain tricks may not be wise.
 Some mistakes are good, at times,
 and some are not all-out unkind.”
Fussbut's Flitlits often ache
 to visit WATER LILY LAKE.
They like to play with friendly dolphins
 that swim in from the sea, click-clicking.
Dolphins sleep with an eye open
 and pass on kindnesses unspoken.
They have a sense of smell that's keen
 and hold off sharks when they are seen.
They shut off half a brain to rest
 so that they often play and jest. 
Caring dolphins cannot taste
 but but they share such joy in haste.
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