Ozzie Mo, Blot Plot, The Weather Feather and The Winged Ship, Sonic

OZZIE's home is at BLOT PLOT,
 that soaks up moisture more than not.
His kin, the Soak Folk, swell up quickly
 unless they shelter very swiftly.
They spread to look like large balloons,
 but dimpled like Soak Folk cocoons.
A Blot Plot FEATHER on display
 flutters, flows, rotates and sways.
It warns the Soak Folk of wet weather
 on a plinth that's lined with leather.
Young Folk Soak member Ozzie Mo
 checks the feather as it flows.
Ozzie captains a fine team
 named the Super Swells. They dream
 of being floating glowball champions.
 It is a very high ambition.
When Ozzie's folk found Seldom See,
 they moored at Fussbut's Hot Plot quay.
Distant Soak Folk relatives remain
 on an island drenched with rain.
The island, named U-Rain-On-Us,
 is very far from glamorous.
There, dwellers shelter on the island
 without sunny high or low lands.
Far spongy Soak Folk chant a tune
 as star Sol-Fa ding-dongs at noon.
They twist and turn built-in umbrellas.
 These whirl around like wind propellers.
When they sail through Gloom Lagoon,
 they pass star Sol-Fa's swinging moon.
The moon lights up a glowing key
 that guides them through the Seesaw Sea.
The Soak Folk's winged ship is named SONIC.
 It suits a crew that's so harmonic.
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