Otto Zoom, Pull Plot and its Magnets


Crowds feel drawn towards PULL PLOT
 that is a long, magnetic spot.
It is the home of family ZOOM
 who pull and stretch, expand and loom.
The Zooms, whose home is so MAGNETIC,
 are, quite simply, energetic.
All their clothes are made to order.
 They stretch from short to long, or longer
 and then pull in from long to shorter.
 They also spread to wide, or wider.
The Zooms, made up of pliable components,
 make tough and powerful opponents.
Their glowball team's named Otto's Lotto.
 They try to live up to their motto -
 to never lose at any game
 and to pull away from blame.
OTTO ZOOM is the team captain
 and there is one thing that is certain:
 Otto pulls out every trick
 and they can be unfair and slick.
He curves his leg around the ball
 when he shouldn't stretch at all.
He often wears a wicked magnet
 in a ring, set in a garnet.
Otto Zoom puffs out his chest
 and spreads his grin from right to left.
He likes to win and long, long words,
 for example, 'smorgasbord'.
He notes each time he overlaps his bed,
 "I am just a thoroughbred!"
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