Muddle Maze and Air Stairs


Fussbut's baffling MUDDLE MAZE
 sits beneath pink, tinkling haze.
It has a keeper, Hoody Wink.
 Fussbut's Flitlits tend to think
 that he sneaks around and slinks
 as well as smirking with a wink.
Hoody Wink has not been seen
 by the Royal king and queen,
 or by anyone at all.
 But they hear his wails and squalls.
Hoody will lay out a carpet,
 shaded red, and a fine banquet
 to receive a Royal party
 when they need food and feel quite thirsty.
One Royal mission was so clever.
 A party set out, all together.
 They planned to find a maze's exit
 with no guide or special permit.
Queeny Squash felt lost and grazed
 at the fiddle-diddle maze.
 A high shrub stopped her in her tracks,
 with no means of turning back.
An arrow pointed to the right.
 Hoody Wink kept out of sight.
Queeny slipped on bumpy ground
 and slid downhill, where she found
 Kingy wearing rollerskates.
 He rolled towards a narrow gate.
The gate was well and truly battered.
 Kingy's robes looked torn and tattered.
He found that rollerskating up a ladder
 left him feeling stumped and shattered.
Fussbut's AIR STAIRS climb so high
 but one strict rule needs to apply:
 up side down or down side up,
 the steep Air Stairs must still match up.
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