Madam Conk, Gale Vale and The Wish Dish

A young girl grew up like no other
 as Fussbut's curious nature mother.
Clothes that are coarse, yet nicely clean,
 show up her skin tinged mossy green.
A wondrous acorn fills the space
 between her bosom and her face.
MADAM CONK, her Flitlit name,
 suits the wise and knowing dame.
Her true name stays among her tales
 that all lie hidden at GALE VALE.
As a girl, she made up brews.
 These healed so many cuts and wounds.
One day, while floating with a bee,
 she found a WISH DISH on a tree.
A wish dish scroll rolled out close by.
 The young girl caught it before it blew high.
The girl had no wish for dolls, shoes or clothes.
 She wished for a ring and the smell of a rose.
The magical wish dish threw out a long spring.
 This twanged as it pranged, zinged and pinged.
Then, at last, it finally chose
 to settle on the young girl's nose.
Madam Conk of Gale Vale still carries the spring.
 It bobs here and there and at times it will sing.
It coils, then uncoils, and as the spring grows,
 it smells roses growing where only it knows.
It rings around Fussbut, round and about.
 There is hardly a thing that it fails to find out.
Madam Conk's Shall-Tell Bell and Know-All Ball
 look after the Flitlits, one and all.
The Shall-Tell Bell joins in with a clang,
 when Madam speaks of yin and yang:
"Nothing is all black or white
 but need each other to feel right.
 Good and bad, light and dark,
 boys and girls - that's just the start.”
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