Kingy Bling, Queeny Squash, Plum Plot and Potty Palace

Fussbut has a queen and king:
 Queeny Squash and Kingy Bling.

They have a daughter, Princess Peachy,
 who bangs on drums and is so screechy.

POTTY PALACE is their home.
 It sits inside the Royal zone.

The Royal zone, based at PLUM PLOT,
 houses such a topsy-turvy lot.

A gem that fits a coronet
 grants Kingy powers to forget.

 has a thousand thousand rings.

Kingy Bling has many secrets
 that he shares with parrot Horace.

Fussbut's Flitlits love the parrot
 with his ring of ninety carats.

The butt-in parrot can't help squaking
 while the palace staff are talking.

He leaks each secret without care.
 The Royal secrets are all shared.

When he's done with eating, giggling,
 washing up and higgle-piggling,
 Kingy runs around the palace
 to seek advice from parrot Horace.

Awkward QUEENY jolts and reels
 from purple hair to wobbly heels.

She pounds the ground without a break
 until the palace rocks and shakes.

Queeny wears stout, clumpy boots
 to bolt around while others scoot.

To splash through puddles, bosh, tosh, slosh,
 she wears a Royal Squash galosh.

A single overshoe makes do.
 That's one too many for Kung Fu.
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