Doctor It, DeBug Knitty-Nitty, Dot Plot and The Puzzling Pit


 that is the home of DOCTOR It.
He is Jester Bit of Prank Plot's uncle,
 whose face looks like a kind carbuncle.
Once, he lived life overground
 at Fussbut's Hard Drive that surrounds
 the roundest plot at Seldom See.
 This takes care of things I.T.
Doctor spends time every day
 on Puzzling Pit's 'Tip of the Day'.
Some are strange and some are silly.
 One tip tipped: 'Turn Chillies Chilly'.
His trace space slipper helps him think
 as the stars greet him and wink.
The pit is filled with books and shoes,
 things that blink and special brews.
Odours fill the musty air,
 joined by squeaks from swinging stairs.
One special day, with no regret,
 the doctor shook a tangled net.
A rescued bug became his helper
 and their lives changed for the better.
The helper, who is far from witty,
The bug had given one last hug
 to his sister, Jitter Bug.
He thinks of Jitter every day
 and wonders if she's far away.
Perhaps, one day, they'll meet again
 at Puzzling Pit, the Dot Plot den.
DeBug is an I.T. scholar.
 He's so hot underneath his collar.
Well, he might be, though he's collarless.
 Make sense? Maybe... more or less.
Some time ago, while just a louse,
 he had learned to click a mouse.
His brain train works out many puzzles
 while the doctor eats and guzzles.
The puzzles buzz on his outside
 once they leave his inside side.
He taps on hot keys and then flits
 to fetch his treasured knitting kit.
Knit one, purl one, knit and then
 think of Jitter once again.
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