Cookie Bang-Boom, Bloom Plot, Lucky-Duck Farm and Plot-a-Lot Stream


COOKIE BANG-BOOM is zippy and bright,
 but can be wrong when she should be right.

Imagine a bit between her teeth.
 A bit much like gold would be bold underneath.

In other words, she's kind and caring,
 but is also brave and daring.

She is witty, loud and likes to sing,
 mostly like a broken string.

At her home farm she looks so mucky,
 and when pitching baseballs loudly.

She plays as pitcher... catcher... fielder,
 and never minds if asked to transfer.

But there is no doubting whatsoever -
 her better half is her soft centre.

The Bang-Boom's farm sits on BLOOM PLOT,
 where flowers grow and horses trot.

The horses never suffer harm
 at LUCKY-DUCK, the happy FARM.

A stream named PLOT-a-LOT runs by,
 with its scrambling, babbling cry.

Otters at the river bank
 swim, eat, swim and then play pranks.

Cookie is their special friend.
 There are days when she will spend
 hours teaching them new tricks
 including flick-flacks, swerves and flips.

The otters check out Cookie's hats
 for moody faces as they chat.
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