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The Flitlits / App Reviews

 Teachers With Apps/ Certified Status/ Associated 5*****Review   Review by Jo Booth/ Teachers With Apps: Link to 5*****review: Highly, Highly Recommended and a TWA favorite and Top Pick. ________ 5***** App/ Recommended Review by Educational App Store Flitlit App 1/The Funny Fair/ from The Educational App Store: The app features as being certified for the […]

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The Flitlit Characters

  The surreal Flitlit characters flit about and float freely, depicting a sense of freedom and movement. This offers them a bird’s eye view of their home plots, co-characters and the landmarks depicted on the map. These attributes complement the humour and flow of the language. Interaction is key to the central core and ethos […]

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The Fussbut Fling The Fussbut Fling is a composition that sets the mood for the stories. It invites Flitlit fans to sing, act and dance. The Flitlits invite you to join in. Please enjoy the experience and share videos of your interpretations, that will be warmly welcomed. DeBug Knitty-Nitty is available to play a virtual […]

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