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Madam Conk, Gale Vale and The Wish Dish

A young girl grew up like no other as Fussbut’s curious nature mother.   Clothes that are coarse, yet nicely clean, show up her skin tinged mossy green.   A wondrous acorn fills the space between her bosom and her face.   MADAM CONK, her Flitlit name, suits the wise and knowing dame.   Her […]

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Boo Kazoo, Pine Plot and the All-Pine Horn

  Fussbut has a woody slot that the Flitlits named PINE PLOT.   Here, BOO KAZOO lives with her mother among feathered friends that hover.   Some birds trill and many drill with their tiny, sharpened bills.   Star Sol-Fa beams upon the knots that shape the great trees at Pine Plot.   It tunes […]

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Otto Zoom, Pull Plot and its Magnets

  Crowds feel drawn towards PULL PLOT that is a long, magnetic spot.   It is the home of family ZOOM who pull and stretch, expand and loom.   The Zooms, whose home is so MAGNETIC, are, quite simply, energetic.   All their clothes are made to order. They stretch from short to long, or […]

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