“This animated, structured educational package should form the basis of language learning in all primary schools. Anyone who has worked with children knows what stimulates their interest, curiosity and imagination. Eiry Rees Thomas and her Flitlits make learning a joy.”- Bel Roberts, Author and Senior Educator.


First Language Section:

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“We are deeply embroiled in ‘Flitlit Fever’ in the classroom – in fact, it has taken over our lives somewhat! We have read the stories, analysed the language, looked for poetic devices, written reviews, composed Flitlit anthems, designed book covers, written raps, de-constructed characters, examined story lines… and even tried creating new characters and plots! It has been a thoroughly enjoyable time that has truly harnessed the enthusiasm of the children.” – Melody Jones, Teacher and Literacy Coordinator/ Pilot School.


First Language Section:

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“We were fascinated by the level of lyricism, the depth of the characters and dimensions of the story. The usage of words with additional meanings provide further depth to the story. Children and parents will love the characters, whose well developed personalities enable children to develop their own intelligence too.” – Educational App Store


Second Language Section/ With Glossary:

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