Boo Kazoo, Pine Plot and the All-Pine Horn


Fussbut has a woody slot
 that the Flitlits named PINE PLOT.
Here, BOO KAZOO lives with her mother
 among feathered friends that hover.
Some birds trill and many drill
 with their tiny, sharpened bills.
Star Sol-Fa beams upon the knots
 that shape the great trees at Pine Plot.
It tunes the forest's floating music
 and the chirping of the crickets.
Boo yoo-hoos an ALL-PINE HORN
 that she's owned since she was born.
Song birds join in with the chorus
 of a choir of toady croakers.
Sounds float in the morning breezes,
 even when the north wind freezes.
This freezes Pine Plot's nooks and crannies
 and each Flitlit cold-boned granny.
Boo has trendy pairs of glasses
 that help her make out shapes and flashes.
Although she finds it hard to see,
 Boo knows the sounds of birds and bees.
She hears bees humming, with great ease,
 and the murmurs of the breeze.
One day, a bird from Potty Palace vanished.
 He might have flown while he felt famished.
As Boo rang out her all-pine horn,
 she heard his chatter among thorns.
She called out, “Too-whit-too-coo.
 Tell me, stranger, who are you?”
The bird replied, “Too-whit-to-you.
 I am merely passing through.
 May I stay here for a while?”
 “Welcome!” Boo said with a smile.
The chatty friend had missed the birds
 and the stories they had heard.
“You shall have a nest,” fixed Boo,
 “and it shall be just for you. 
 Come and visit when you please
 among this fine plot's mighty trees.”
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