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Author Eiry Rees Thomas celebrated by Imagiread

March 2018: Author Eiry Rees Thomas delighted to be featured among Imagiread’s ‘Women Who Write’. Imagiread’s philosophy is ‘rooted in the belief that positive interactive experiences with literacy through early childhood and into the academic years is how strong educational values are developed. At Imagiread we customize literacy instruction for today’s inquisitive learner. We read, […]

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The Flitlits/ Media Articles/ June 2017

  With thanks to ‘Moms With Apps Daily News’, ‘The Educational Apps Daily News’ and the ‘San Diego CUE’ for featuring a valued article about The Flitlits and Seldom See by experienced educator Jo Booth as seen here: The Wondrous World of Seldom See by Eiry Rees Thomas   Jo Booth OTR/L has been an […]

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Teachers With Apps’ Certification

  Mobile devices have been making in-roads into the learning space since their debut. The mobile tablet, especially, will continue to progress to the head of the class. To salute this ongoing trend, we aim to acknowledge and commend outstanding apps and app developers in the education app industry that go above and beyond excellent. […]

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The Flitlits/ Eiry Rees Thomas/ Featured Member/ Know What’s Inside

Details/ Feature: The Flitlits Know What’s Inside gives parents the power to choose the best apps for their kids. They feature only developers committed to their high standards for protecting kids’ privacy and building great family-friendly apps. The site makes it quick and easy to Know What’s Inside every app that they feature so that […]

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Eiry Rees Thomas/ Featured Member/ KidLit TV

My thanks to the wonderful team at KidLit TV  for this hugely appreciated article: KitLit TV is a storehouse of multimedia interviews with authors and illustrators, booklists, and book reviews for readers of all ages. Their tutorials on book trailer creation and animation are excellent, as are their step-by-step drawing lesson videos. From up-to-the-minute news […]

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The Flitlits/ Certified Status by The Educational App Store

  Delighted to have been awarded this badge of certification by The Educational App Store. Details/ Review: The Educational App Store is recognised and respected worldwide by teachers, parents and learners. The badge demonstrates to potential customers that their apps meet high standards of educational value and offer genuine leaning benefits to the user. […]

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The Flitlits / App Reviews

 Teachers With Apps/ Certified Status/ Associated 5*****Review   Review by Jo Booth/ Teachers With Apps: Link to 5*****review: Highly, Highly Recommended and a TWA favorite and Top Pick.     ________ 5***** App/ Recommended Review by Educational App Store Flitlit App 1/The Funny Fair/ from The Educational App Store: The app features as being certified […]

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Links to ‘The Flitlits’ apps

It’s a pleasure to announce the publication of 3 iOS apps from The Flitlits’ series following 3 years of intensive work by Team Flitlit. With gratitude for the support of the Creative Industries Sector of the Welsh Government. The Flitlits invite young readers to laugh as they learn. The apps feature U.K.English, Welsh and U.S. […]

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